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ZMW Steytler

ZMW Steytler

I am sorry that I am only getting to you now, but I have been  away for a few days.  I would like it to go on record that I am very satisfied, in fact delighted with my frameless window and it is much admired by my fellow bowlers who were interested in seeing it being installed.  I feel one must not only write to complain but also give paise where it is due !

I would like also to congratulate you on a fine working team, it was a pleasure doing business with them.  Karl was very helpful and gave me a date that the work would be done, and he was true to his word, what a pleasure!   His workmen were very polite and esp. Elliot was very exact in what he did, a very neat job, very well done!

Thank you and I will enjoy the winter in my new "sun trap"!

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