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The company who installed our glass was Cover Frameless Glass. I wish I
could find some more areas to use them as they are quite simply the best
service providers in the Cape. I have never come across a company as
efficient and friendly, and if you have any issues they seem to have a
same-day response to fix anything (we've only needed this once in the
two years we've had them and only for a minor issue).

Their superb contact is: Maritza Syfert….

I apologise for gushing about them so much, but really nothing short of
outstanding. You may have to wait some time for the glass to be cut to
size etc, but once that's done the installation and back-up is a breeze.
This is an expensive exercise, but as you can see from our house (and my
folks) it adds a new useable room to your house and is so so worth the

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