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Bryan Westwood

Bryan Westwood

Congratulation on your promotion I can see from the way you dealt with your customers that you worked very hard to please! There was nothing we needed from your company as the work was carried out very satisfactory. You can imagine how nervous my wife and I were especially having to rely on you having to do the work unsupervised by us as absentee owners. Your team did an excellent job and I was particularly impressed with the cleanliness during and after the job. When we finally got home we were visited by one of your senior team member(Chris) to find out if we were happy with the finished product , we of course were delighted and would recommend your services to anybody who is looking for a similar service.

I am attaching the final payment we were told to make by Chris maybe he gave us the wrong invoice but this is what he wrote and we paid it immediately as you can see.

Good luck in your new position!

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