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Annie Macdonald

Annie Macdonald

I would like to compliment Cover Frameless Glass on their product, service and after sales service. More so in particular, I hold Maritza Syfert responsible for our ongoing satisfaction with Cover Frameless Glass. What an asset you have in Maritza. She is totally professional, incredibly patient and kind and one of the most reliable people I have come across in the service industry. She is knowledgeable, totally efficient, and makes good on any promise or arrangement she makes.

Maritza advised us on and sold us our glass enclosure system for our Bannockburn Unit in the V & A Waterfront development. Your technical guys then moved in and produced what was required. Maritza promised she would follow up and make sure we were happy after living with the system for a time. This she did.

Our entire block along with two others in the complex has just finished being serviced and repainted. In the process of this having been done, dirt and paint scrapings etc found their way into the frame of our glass fitting. We called Maritza and asked her to quote for and organize a complete service for us to avoid any complications with our Cover Glass system. Not only did she expedite this, she organized this as a complimentary 1st service. Excellent after sales service! This is unheard of in most service industries.

I will recommend Cover Frameless Glass to anyone for a fabulous Product and Service. Thank you Maritza!

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