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Glass and General issues

Glass and General issues

  • Is the glass we use safety glass?

    Yes, both the toughened glass and the laminated glass is safety glass. We only use safety glass in our applications.
  • What type of glass is used in the product range?

    • Sliding Stacking Systems
      • 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm thickness toughened glass
    • Shower, Hinge and Pivot Doors
      • 8mm and 10mm thickness toughened glass
    • Balustrades
      • 12mm and 15 mm thickness toughened glass
    • Shopfront fixes and glass roofing
      • 6.5mm laminated and 8mm toughened glass
  • Can I use specially designed or “arty” glass in the products?

    Yes, this is very popular and trend setting. The lead time might be slightly longer but the wait is worth it.
  • Do your products comply with the National Building Regulations?

    Yes. As most of our products are designed around the need of our Clients and not specifically generic type solutions, we have an Structural Engineer which does a rational design on any non standard application and thus we do not only comply to the NBR but issue compliance certificates as well when requested.
  • Is tinted glass available?

    Yes. Various shades of tint is available of which the grey and bronze tinted is the most sought after. Some of the tints are what the glass is made of while various options vinyl is available. We can use the glass in any of our products.