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Frameless Doors

Frameless Doors

  • What is the maximum width and height?

    • Hinge and Pivot Doors -
      • Panel width : 1500mm
      • Panel height : 2500mm
  • What type of glass is used in the product range?

    12mm and 15 mm thickness toughened glass.
  • What types of door do you provide?

    • Hinge
      • Hinged on the sides of the glass
    • Pivot and Pivot/Hinge
      • Pivot point about 300mm from the side of the door, depending on width
    • Showers
      • Similar to Hinge doors but mo1re focussed on water retention
  • Can the doors be locked?

    Yes. Various locking options are available
  • Can Clients choose our own handles?

    Yes. The “Handle make the door”. This is a very personal choice and we will accommodate your choice.