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Frameless Balustrades

Frameless Balustrades

  • What types of frameless glass balustrades are available?

    • Top Recessed
      • Glass panels are epoxied into a concrete or steel channel
    • Top Mounted
      • Aluminium or stainless steel brackets are epoxied into the floor. The glass is then fixed into the brackets
    • Side Mounted
      • Aluminium or stainless brackets are epoxied into the side of a slab or staircase. The glass is then fixed onto the brackets
  • What type of glass is used for balustrades?

    12mm and 15 mm thickness toughened glass.
  • Do you need a top rail for the balustrade?

    Yes. Current legislation forces the use of a top rail. We do have a clear top rail available which will allow the frameless effect but also will allow a sufficient barrier should the glass fail.