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Fixes, Glass Roofs and Other products

Fixes, Glass Roofs and Other products

  • Which type of glass roofs are available

    Flat, Apex and Triangle. However we will custom make the roof to your specification.
  • What type of glass is used for fixes and glass roofs?

    • Shopfront fixes and glass roofing
      • 6.5mm laminated and 8mm toughened glass
      • Depending on the requirements, we can provide toughened laminated on commercial applications
  • What types of louvres and shutters are available?

    • Fixed and adjustable louvres and shutters is available
    • Different type of blades. Wider, thinner, Y-blades
    • Glass louvres is also available (Unisert Louvres)
    • Internal and External shutters is available
    • Wooden and Synthetic shutters is available
  • Do we provide blinds?

    No. We however do recommend wooden internal shutters which will function as well as blinds for internal use but is much more aesthetical pleasing.
  • What is meant by Art Glass?

    We can add any colour, pictures or shapes to our glass. We can even use fabric within the glass for arty and decorative finishes. This can be incorporated into any of our products
  • What architectural services do you offer?

    We have architectural capability within our company to provide our clients with basic architectural services up to the full design of their property.