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Paragon Sliding Stacking Glass Doors

Paragon Sliding Stacking Glass Doors


  • Smooth crisp lines (esthetically pleasing to look at)
  • Aluminum profiles similar in size comparing it to other similar systems.
  • Clear weather strips between glass panels
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Un-obstructive view
  • Adding value to your property


  • totally retractable
  • 95% opening usage
  • All year use
  • Many shapes (straight, curved, corners)
  • Open inwards or outwards
  • Open left, right or both ways
  • Heights up to 3000mm
  • Can accommodate any curtaining or blinds (short guider-arm protruding)

Weather proofing

  • Weather resistant wool-pile strips on in & outside of top profile
  • Minimum clearance between profiles to reduce penetration risk
  • Weather resistant wool-pile strip on outside of bottom track
  • Built-in drain channel on inside of  bottom track
  • Triple wool-pile strips on closing side of system
  • Double wool-pile strips on opening side of system.
  • Unique rotating cam-lock action to stabilize opening panel against wind loads.
  • Unique weather strips inbetween panels
  • Clear and UV resistant (Will not go yellow or become brittle)
  • Soft silicone inserts to prevent water and wind penetration
  • No rattling   
  • 5 year guarantee on strips
  • Interlocking plastic caps between panels
  • Weather resistant shoulder on outside
  • Drain pipes installed every 2000mm to run off any excess water penetration

Safety & Security

  • Internal sliding locks on top and bottom profiles of opening panel
  • Stainless steel key-locks available as well
  • 8mm – 10mm Toughened glass
  • 5 times stronger that normal safety glass
  • Strong and sturdy profiles
  • 6005 grade Aluminium used
  • 316 grade stainless steel bolts
  • Structural glue and stainless steel mechanical fixing used to secure glass to aluminum beads
  • Intruder proof

Anchors and screws

The anchors and screws are very important for the overall structural integrity and therefore needs to be specified and certified. In general, the choice of anchors and screws depends on the load and the construction material (wood, metal, concrete) to which the system is installed. Load (horizontal and vertical) must be taken into consideration.

8mm button head s/steel bolt is used as standard to secure the top profile.

Steel          -    8mm button head bolt & nut
Concrete    -    8mm button head bolt & brass anchor
Concrete    -    8mm button head bolt & brass anchor or 6mm wooden screw stepped            
                      inside the profile.

Floor levels

Outside floor level should not slope towards the inside.
Bottom sill profile will protrude with a minimum of 3mm dependant on the inside floor level.


Always consult a waterproofing expert if unsure. See the drawings below as guideline.

Drain pipes are used to drain any fluids, that might enter the bottom profile, away. The standard drainpipes used is a pvc tube with a 10mm outer diameter. These drainpipes are installed at 2000mm intervals along the bottom profile, draining to the outside mostly. If the drain point needs to be at a specific point off-centre from the drain hole, flexible PVC tubing is used in conjunction with the aluminium drainpipe. 12mm Holes can be drilled into the side of the profile if no drainpipes are required. Drain pipes can be installed at the bottom of the profile as well, depending on the specific installation detail. In some cases, drainpipes can only be installed on one specific point. Care should then be taken to ensure proper flow of water. Larger drain holes or more drain holes can be drilled into the side of the bottom sill profile.
When designing the installation it is very important to inform the client of the draining pipes that needs to be installed.


The Paragon has a very short guiderarm to guide the wheels, thus ideal for fitment of curtains or blinds on the inside.

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