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Glass Showers

Glass Showers

Our range of frameless showers is a unique solution for your bathroom. Because they are frameless they are strong and easy to keep clean with no messy corners. Frameless shower doors have a clean aesthetic appeal and create a nice finishing touch to your bathroom.

  • Frameless
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Any shape
  • Custom made designs
  • Custom made handles and fittings
  • Non-corrosive material

Specifications on shower doors:

  • The maximum width of a shower door is 900mm and on a shower fixes 1400mm.
  • The maximum height of a shower door is 1900mm.
  • 65kg is the maximum weight that a shower door is allowed to be. This is also the maximum weight that a shower hinge will be able to carry.
  • A shower fix wider than 800mm will need a glass shelf for stability.
  • A fix wider than 1200mm will need a stabilizing bar for stability.

Dimensions for Frameless glass shower doors

Glass thickness in mm

Doors and panels
supporting doors 
(maximum) sq.m

Fixed panels (maximum) 
8 1.75 3.00
10 2.10 4.00

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