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  • What to look out for when buying frameless sliding stacking doors


    Once you have reached the point where you have decided that frameless sliding stacking glass doors are a good option for your home, there are a few things you should look out for when buying them.Does your provider use toughened glass?8mm toughened glass should be the standard glass used however 10mm can also be used with different glazing beads. 8mm toughened glass can be described as thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. For options such as bolted structural glazing and frameless glass, toughened safety glass is ideal. Toughened glass meets the safety glass requirements of
  • Home improvement companies putting their clients first


    As exciting as home improvements can be, it also means an invasion into your private world and often can cause a lot of stress. You have to take time out of your work schedule or errands in order to supervise and answer questions and your home is basically invaded for the duration of the project. In this article we discuss some of the aspects that we focus on and the things that are important to us when dealing with home improvement projects to make it easier for you; our client.We all know that home improvements, as exciting as it can be for most people, means an invasion into your private
  • Benefits of frameless glass doors - Sliding stacking glass doors


    Frameless glass doors are becoming more and more popular because of its aesthetic appeal and it allows for an easy flow from indoor to outdoor living. The most important thing about frameless glass doors is that there are many benefits to using this option when deciding on the design of your home or if you are looking at renovating your current home. The major advantage of a frameless sliding stacking glass doors is that it is totally retractable which allows for indoor living to become outdoor living. It opens inwards as well as outwards and instantly adds value to your property. The
  • Frameless Glass doors – An inexpensive option for home improvements


    In our current day and age of fast moving technology and highly stressful lifestyles more and more people are opting to simplify their lives as much as possible. One way to create simplicity is to start at home. Dark and cluttered homes are transforming into open airy spaces, where homeowners can find a place of relaxation and solitude. There are many ways to transform your space. Some are costly and entail full renovation; others are simpler like installing frameless sliding stacking glass doors, frameless balustrades or patio enclosures. These less expensive options can make the world of
  • 5 star grading for home improvement companies


    At Cover Frameless Glass we pride ourselves in creating a 5 star experience for our clients. With 14 years experience in the frameless glass industry we understand that creating excellence takes constant time and effort and this is what we strive towards every day at Cover Frameless Glass. What is a 5 star grading in our industry? We touch on a few focal points in this article so that you know what is important to us as a company. Sales – Our sales teams are customer focused and have a vast amount of product experience. This ensures you of getting the right product for your individual
  • Share Your View Competition Terms & Conditions


    COVER FRAMELESS GLASS – SHARE YOUR VIEW COMPETITION The promoters to this competition are Cover Building Concepts (Cape) Pty Ltd (“Cover Frameless Glass”) (registration number: 2012/006550/07) a company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa and having its registered address at 13 Traka Street Stikland Bellville 7530 All persons entering the Cover Frameless Glass – Share Your View Competition ("the promotional competition", alternatively “the competition”) ("the entrants") agree that the competition rules as set out in these terms and conditions are binding on them. A

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